Friday, September 17, 2010

Speed Up uTorrent Immediately

Now-a-days utorrent has become most popular way of downloading files online. But most miserable thing is that when we start downloading any file via torrent we see download speed is slow. How can we get rid of this slow speed torrent? We can speed up utorrent by following some procedures or steps. The useful steps of speeding up utorrent are presented below.

Speed Up uTorrent Step 1

First of all, open utorrent. Now click on "options" in menu bar. From "options" select "preferences". In "preferences" window choose "connection" on right menu. Now set the value of "port used for incoming connections" to 80/443 whichever works for you. Then after, tick the "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping" box. Keep "Enable UPnP port mapping" and "Randomize port each start" box empty.

Speed Up uTorrent Step 2

Now choose the "bandwidth" in right of "preferences" window. In "bandwidth" options set the value of "Global maximum number of connections" to 800 and "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" to 125 and "Number of upload slots per torrent" to 25.

Speed Up uTorrent Step 3

Now choose the "Bittorrent" in right of "preferences" window. From "Bittorrent" options tick "Enable DHT Network" , "Enable DHT for new torrents" , "Enable Local Peer Discovery" , "Ask tracker for scrape information" , "Enable Peer Exchange" boxes. Keep "Limit local peer bandwidth" box empty. Set "Protocol Encryption--->Outgoing" to Forced and tick the "Allow incoming legacy connection" box.

Speed Up uTorrent Step 4

Now select the "Advanced" in right of "preferences" window. Then scroll down to "net.max_halfopen" and set it's value to 500. Then again scroll down to "net.outgoing_port" and set it's value to 50. Scroll down to "net.wsaevents" and set it's value to 150.

Speed Up uTorrent Step 5

After completing the steps mentiond above click on "OK"

Now you can download utorrent faster. To make utorrent faster the procedures given above I think are basics. So, keep visiting this blog for more advanced information about how to increase utorrent speed.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Download With Rapidshare Auto Downloader

We all know that today rapidshare is one of the hot and popular file-hosting brands. So, almost everybody use rapidshare to host files sponstaniously. A lot of necessary files like important videos, softwares, games, pdfs, audios etc, are uploaded in rapidshare everyday. As a group of uploaders upload files in rapidshare, a group of downloaders also downloads these files everyday. But the time waiting for a download irritates every free rapidshare users. Now I would like to introduce you an automatic downloader for your rapidshare downloads. (Al-hamdulillah) Rapidshareauto downloader is a powerful program by Vahab Shalchain. The most attractive feature of Rapidshare auto Downloader is to download a group of links (containing files) from rapidshare easily and fast.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Write Bangla With Avro Keyboard

Good news...
Now-a-days as the world is becoming smaller with the advancement of technology, it has become easier to communicate worldwide. The most important thing for bangladeshies who had dream to write in their own language freely but in vain due to lack of bangla writting software. Al-hamdulillah Avro Keyboard, a windows application which has enabled bangladeshies to write bangla almost everywhere in computer. And if anybody doesn't know operating keyboard he or she will also be able to keep writting banlga everywhere with the touch of mouse point. There are a lot of functions available in Avro Keyboard. Such as Avro mouse - click n' type, Avro Phonetic etc.
Do I need the software?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogging For Making Money

There are a lot of ways to make money online. But the most popular and easy way to make money online is blogging. Because blogging helps a  blogger to monetize his or her blog by advertising, paid reviews, affiliate marketing, freelancing etc. Among all monetization methods mentioned above advertising is the renowned one. Because blogger can earn some extra money using a corner of his or her blog by advertising. Paid reviews are second best way to make money blogging. In paid review process blogger needs to write article for the advertiser's product. Some famous paid review programs in online are smorty, paperpost etc.